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New Trends In Web Development

February 22, 2022

There are plenty of web technologies that are evolving at a rapid rate and this is forcing entrepreneurs to walk with current technology trends. That’s why it is important to know the new web app development trends and try to adopt them in your business area as per your business requirements. Developers from all over the world are also getting the chance to learn new trends and work on different technologies for web application development. It is always beneficial to work on current technology and develop an outstanding and unique web application that users will love to use. This will always benefit your business and will help you to get a huge customer base and of course huge profit.

Blockchain – A Secured Data Storage

The Blockchain is a new and evolving technology mainly used for massive data storage which is getting huge demand in the market because of its awesome high-security feature. It uses cryptography to store different data in blocks that are internally linked. With the use of blockchain, there is no need for any third-party medium or any intermediate while performing the financial transaction process. Each and every transaction will get full confirmation and depends on the algorithms which are defined for this reason only, rather than trusting numerous computers. We all know that bulk of the information is stored on all the computers from all around the world but now with the help of blockchains, we can keep all this massive information more securely.

With the increased demand for blockchain, the need for blockchain-based web apps is escalating in this year 2018 and will be going to explode in the coming years too. The real potential and importance of blockchain are finally identified by multinational banks and they had given a positive response about using the blockchain technology in the systems as it provides high security for the massive stored data. That’s why it is said that in the coming years, the use and importance of blockchain for the web app development need will increase at a higher rate providing huge security features.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is the new evolving trend for web app development. It provides simple, fast, and interactive development trends. All the people using different social media platforms are integrating Augmented Reality in their social media platforms to get a wider reach for their business area. AR is specially used for adding an opted feature same as Snapchat has for its users i.e. Bitmoji which allows people to add their project using the camera of an app.

Developers find it easy to work with Augmented Reality and bring awesome features to the web application as per user demands. That’s why it is always a challenging task to choose the best Web Development Company in India or USA to get the expected result for your business area. We all know this fact that the growing technology is taking our IT Fraternity to the next successful level and this is raising the bar of everybody business. It is always beneficial to adopt new technology trends and get better results for your particular business area.

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Impact of Motion UI on Web Apps

2018 is planning a huge impact to make on web apps using Motion UI trend. The whole motto of Motion UI lies in assisting developers to design a website with a minimal approach and attractive design to provide users with the best user experience. Also, motion UI will avoid the unnecessary use of flash content and different GIFs. It will soon get too much popularity where animations will let developers use styling for the development need to build a unique website having a static user interface. Such a website will stand out from other competitive websites which are already available in the market. Users actually get irritated by seeing a lot of flash messages, ads and contents, GIFs while surfing a web application. To avoid all such things, it is really important to utilize motion UI to develop a moderate design that will get huge appreciation from users.

Motion UI allows developers to design and develop a simple web app that will get more and more customers with its and will provide smooth web development that will help your website to shine among millions of other websites. Using animations, developers will get a chance to include different styles and develop a matchless site having static UI.

Artificial Intelligence

In the current technology-based world, we are moving towards new development and advancements in the IT field. This is making every person curious to know the new trends and thinking to use them in their business for getting more and more customers. If we talk about chatbots and the use of Artificial Intelligence, then it is assumed that the use of AI-based web apps is going to explode in the coming years. Chatbots are providing new ways to developers for developing interactive online stores having full supportive and instant online assistance for customers whenever they have a query to ask and obviously they will expect an immediate reply.

It is estimated that in the coming years, AI-based chatbots will change the whole working of chatbots in web apps. The whole interaction will proceed without having any human support and things will be done automatically. The new and advanced chatbots which are based on Artificial Intelligence will play an essential role by understanding live speech and providing proper feedback to users as per their queries.

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